Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Well, it's been almost a year and as I read my friends blogs, I thought of how much I used to like doing mine. (when I did it) So I decided to start up again. I read my friends Val and my other friend from work. I get the biggest kick out of reading about their family and their lives. So, what's new with me? Not much!!!! I guess there probably is, I just can't think of nothing right now. But anyway, this will jump start me in to blogging again! I am gonna try and be more faithful about it, I know, I can hear all of you saying, we've heard that before. But this time I reeeeeaaaallllly am :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I just entered this contest and I wanted to tell you all about it. So here goes, check it out http://firecrackerkid.blogspot.com/

Monday, March 01, 2010

Ok, I have been neglecting my blog. (Sorry) But, I have become addicted to farmville on facebook! I know that's no excuse. I wanted to show everyone my new table and chairs. The best part is I got it for $75. Can you beleive it? You might say to yourself, "That looks alot like Kim's", Well, that's b/c it is exactly like hers. I have been needing a table for a while and when she told me she seen it marked down for that price, I could not pass it up. The roses, they are from my loving husband. He came in last thursday and had them in hand. I said, "What are those for?"  Duh, why do I do dumb things like that? He said, "Just because I love you". Did I feel bad for saying that like I did, you bet I did. But I thanked him and told him how beautiful they were. Anyhoo, here is a little post!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I just heard that 48 states had snow. The only two that didn't was Florida and Loisiana. Now that is really rare. I have been so cold today. No matter what I put on, I can't get warm. I guess we might be going back to school tomorrow, after a two hour delay! I was going to post earlier and put the pics on, but I got busy scrapbooking, so I will shoot for tomorrow. I was watching some scrapbooking shows on my days off and I wanted to do them before I forgot! Later!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I will be sending some of this snow to Ga. today with David, Heather and the grandbabes. They are leaving to go to Daytona for the race.(silly kids) Val wants some snow and as a friend I want to send her some. The kids built this cute little snowman yesterday, isn't he cute? The chicken recipe I tried was awesome. It is a keeper. Today might be a chilli or soup day???? The girls are being lazy today. They were up there watching all the goins on of the outside animals but got tired, you know how rough it is to watch over things.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I haven't tasted them yet, but I know I love looking at them! Brownies, with mini marshmallows and homemade frosting, how can you go wrong????? I am also trying a new recipe from Betty Crocker, it is called chicken breast with creamy mushroom gravy. It sounds delicious. I'll let you know.

As you can see, all the animals are having fun in the snow. I bet there were over 100 birds out there this morning. They are like the people at kroger's yesterday, fearing the White Death. I did tell them there will be no food shortages and to stop their bickering! I don't know if you can see them but there were seven squirrels in the tree this morning. They were running around the tree like kids playing in the snow. The one setting on the concrete feeder sit there for over half an hour eating and watching the goins on. I shoveled some of the snow so we could get the garbage out tomorrow and the dogs were in the back yard playing in the snow, but as you can see when I got the camera, they just looked at me. Ozzie was barking (yeah) at the goofy dog next door. Lady kept trying to sneak under the deck and dig. So if you see a picture later of a bunch of dirt on top of the snow, you will know she succeeded. She's got her eyes closed like I can't see her if she closes them! Ok, I have to go, I just heard the oven buzzer go off and that's mean's "Time to make the Doughnuts Brownies"It is from Mommy's Kitchen and Kim said they were to die for. So you know I have to try what Kim does b/c we are twins!!!! I will post the brownies after they get done. YUMMO!!!!!

Yes, I am grateful for a snow day b/c we have worked hard all week. (monday) I decided if Ozzie wasn't better yesterday we would go to see the doc. He started acting funny thursday. So I figured if he was working up for a big seizure he would have had it by now. So, I called on my way home and scheduled an appt. Well, when I got home he seemed a lot lot better. But I decided to go ahead and take him b/c he had done the same thing over the weekend, acted better and then like he was dying. Well, she checked him out and she seems to think he hurt his back. A couple places she touched on his spine, he would tense up. She said when animals get hurt, they won't cry unless it's excruciating pain. They just don't eat and don't do things they typically do, like chase the cats or bark at the pain in the butt new dog next door, or get in to everything like he usually does. So, basically, he has a backache! Which is very good news. I thought he might have had a stroke. She gave him some pain medicine with steroids. When we got home, he still wouldn't eat. He did finally eat later. I had fixed their kongs up with peanut butter and kibble. I had put them in the freezer, Ozzie loved it. But he is acting 100% better. We have just let him have the run of the house the several nights, so I could keep an eye on him overnite. However, last night, I told Rick he would definetly be confined to the kitchen b/c if not he would eat things like, remotes, cats, cell phones, money, cats, paper, pictures, etc.......For those of you who don't know Ozzie, no he isn't a puppy, but he is only eight years old!!!! Hopefully he will grow out of that chewing stage. (NOT)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ok, I know we have some snow and it is very cold but it could be worse. My sis-in-law, who lives in W.Va. has 14 inches. So, see it could be way worse. My friend Kim has been telling me I need to start a list of things that I am grateful for, so here goes. Today sunday, I am grateful that we didn't get all the snow they were predicting. Also, I am grateful for my friend, Rosemary at work. I think she has been through a few things the last year or so but she always tries to be upbeat. I am sure that is not always how she feels but she tries. She tells me all the time how grateful she is that I come into her class and help her. I love her class, Tech Apps, b/c she has taught me so many new things. So actually it is me that should be grateful. She made some small gift bags for me and showed me how to make them. So in return I made her some things on my cricut. It really is the little things that make us happy. In other news, my Ozzie who has been not feeling well seems to be feeling better today. This is the first day since thursday he has really eaten anything. I am almost sure he had a stroke. He is moving in super slow motion although he doesn't act like he's in any pain. Ozzie has seizures, knock on wood though he hasn't had one to speak of in over a year. So I don't know if he is working up for a real big one or what. Anyway he looks and acts better today. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am glad I slept through the night b/c that's how I found out my friend Kim has been keeping a secret. When I woke up this morning I knew all kinds of things that I didn't before I went to sleep. Kim and I were walking down the halls at school and that's when I found out she was pregnant. Someone else had told me, not Kim. I was really upset with her for not telling me, I thought we shared everything, KIM! Well, I told her it was going to be fine, when she had told me she was scared. I told her I was actually jealous, I wanted a baby too. Of coarse what ever either one of us gets,the other one wants to. We have the same taste in a lot of things. Too funny! Of coarse, I trying to do my job at school the whole time all of this was going on. The little girl we help was in my dream to. I left her in the restroom by her self, which I never do. When I went back in, she was sitting there asleep on the toliet. I almost dropped her on the floor while helping her off the toilet and she got mad at me! (imagine that) After putting on her p.j.'s, to go home?????? What???? She said she needed to go out front and smoke a cigarette. She was nervous b/c I almost dropped her. Now we all know there is no smoking in school. Well, when I held the door open for her, there was a group of kids outside smoking. Also, there was also a group of football players and coaches who came in the restroom on us and would not leave. I told them they were in big trouble, I said, "Just wait till I get out of here". Where this dream came from I have no clue, but it sure was weird. Oh well!!


finchJuncotitmousenuthatch woodpecker

Well, the bird business is good. Because of the video, we now have enough soup to last us for months. Rick said the guy didn't add the part that said he was only joking. One guy didn't have soup so he brought us a can of corn. These are all Rick's card buddies. Anyway, a lady got a hold of the man who did the interview and ask him to contact us and see if she could make a donation. Long story short, Rick talked to her and told her that was not necesary and she said she really wanted to. So she sent him a check for $100.00. He went out and purchased $98 worth of food for the birds and squirels. He sent her a card and put the receipt in there. My Rick was so worried that people would think he came up with some kind of scam. So he sent her the receipt. He buys corn for the squirels. Then he gets suet for the woodpeckers, we have three different kinds that come. Then he has to have sunflower seed, thistle, peanuts, bird seed. You would think just put out birdseed, no not my Ricky. Oh we have to have a big jar of peanut butter b/c several of the birds like that. They are fun to watch. Here are just some of the birds he attracts. They are all unique in their own way. The nuthatch is the only bird that walks down the tree head first. And now you have a lesson in Birds 101, whether you wanted it or not!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My husband Rick has became a celebrity almost overnight. The community we live in is a little neighborhood in Cincinnati. Rick was born here and basically lived here all his 53 yrs. Anyway, a man from the Cincinnati Enquirer does a story every week of the 52 neighborhoods of Cinti. So this week as he was driving around Linwood looking for a story, he happened upon my husband's "bird sanctuary". He stopped monday and ask if he could come back and take pictures and do an interview. Rick said sure! Now because of some of the things he said, everyone is having fun with him. One of his friends could not wait to bring this can of "soup" down tonight. He said he wanted to make sure we had supper. Funny, Duke, Very Funny! So, check it out and I hope it makes you smile! It sure did me. Once you open the link, click on One Voice. I've also heard that you can google "Rick Smitson Birdman" Great, that's just great! http://www.cincinnati.com/  Rick also told the man that he was not much of a talker. Does it sound like this man had any trouble talking???????

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I don't think I can go back to work b/c it is too cold. I think I will retire and let my Ricky get another job and take care of me. Yes, I thought about it and I think that will work. He is always saying I am the week female and he is the strong male. That is why I think I will be a weak female. Today is the last day to do nothing. Of coarse, everyone knows that I can find about a million things to do. You know 2010 is going to be the year I make a quilt. Also, lose weight, win the lottery, get organized, and so on!