Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Yes, I am grateful for a snow day b/c we have worked hard all week. (monday) I decided if Ozzie wasn't better yesterday we would go to see the doc. He started acting funny thursday. So I figured if he was working up for a big seizure he would have had it by now. So, I called on my way home and scheduled an appt. Well, when I got home he seemed a lot lot better. But I decided to go ahead and take him b/c he had done the same thing over the weekend, acted better and then like he was dying. Well, she checked him out and she seems to think he hurt his back. A couple places she touched on his spine, he would tense up. She said when animals get hurt, they won't cry unless it's excruciating pain. They just don't eat and don't do things they typically do, like chase the cats or bark at the pain in the butt new dog next door, or get in to everything like he usually does. So, basically, he has a backache! Which is very good news. I thought he might have had a stroke. She gave him some pain medicine with steroids. When we got home, he still wouldn't eat. He did finally eat later. I had fixed their kongs up with peanut butter and kibble. I had put them in the freezer, Ozzie loved it. But he is acting 100% better. We have just let him have the run of the house the several nights, so I could keep an eye on him overnite. However, last night, I told Rick he would definetly be confined to the kitchen b/c if not he would eat things like, remotes, cats, cell phones, money, cats, paper, pictures, etc.......For those of you who don't know Ozzie, no he isn't a puppy, but he is only eight years old!!!! Hopefully he will grow out of that chewing stage. (NOT)


Kim said...

You are not giving me much hope for Riley growing out of the puppy stage! I do still have some hope though because she is only 1.
I am so glad he is feeling better and it wasn't anything too serious that couldn't be helped with medicine. Enjoy your day off! I think we'll get one tomorrow too! Did you make the brownies???

Lisa said...

Charlie will very rarely chew anything now, so there's hope for Riley. When Charlie is in the chewing mood, she prefers Target receipts and Riesen candy wrappers. And lately, I haven't had either of them. :-)

I'm so glad to hear that Ozzie is doing better.

Did someone say "brownies?" :-)

Diane said...

The brownies will be going soon, along with a pot of coffee!