Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I had to post our Danny and tell you all a little about him. Daniel has fragile x (which is a form of mental retardation), he is 27 yrs. old. But you wouldn't know he was retarded until he talked, well maybe you would. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth. He loves, loves, loves his Aunt Connie. She has helped take care of him every since he's been born. So for christmas I got him a puzzle of a picture of him and Connie. He has always called her his "who", why, I don't know. But it is better than what he usually calls me (or her,for that matter) and he loves me too. Anyway the puzzle, which he loves puzzles, is a pic and it says "I love my who". Needless to say, he loved it. BTW, he always wants to sit on the floor???????? Who know's?
Danny and his "Who"

Monday, December 28, 2009

Matty trying on "Who dey" slippers!

Marissa and Brianna posing for me.

Me, Caroline and our Momma!

My other sis Sherri opening her present! Caroline and Rick acting silly.

Rick opening his Bengal slipper's

Caroline(my sis) opening a present!

I had a busy week as I'm sure everyone did. Last sunday, me and my sis baked cookies and made candies. Wednesday, both of my sis's came over and we ate and did our gifts. We played bowling on the Wii. I forgot how much fun it was. Then christmas eve, we all went to mom's for snacks and gifts. Friday was dinner at our house, all the kids came down, mine, Rick's, Connie's. We had a house full or should I say two house full's. For those of you who don't know, Rick's sister and her husband and son live in the house upstairs. It is like a duplex except on top of one another. We are one close knit family. We all had a good time. It was real busy but fun. I have been a bit of a slacker, I know. But now maybe it will slow down a bit and I will get back on track. Christmas was fun, I got a lot of really nice gifts. I have an awesome family on all sides. I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lady and Ozzie having fun in the snow

Gracie in the sink, where she is a lot!

Helping me fold clothes!

Just chillin!

Fergie, doing what she does best.

And now ........all grown up!   

I guess I was boring Fergie too! Hmph!

I am bored, can you tell? My lady will be 9 yrs old in Jan. can you beleive it? My girls are already over 2 yrs. old. I only was going to bring home one stray but I had to bring Gracie home so she wouldn't die alone. It is so hard to think that I brought Gracie home too b/c I didn't think she would make it. She was so pitiful. She had to be fed with an eye dropper and she weighed less then 2 lbs. Well, she's not pitiful any more.


Amber overseeing things.

Matty trying on my glasses!

Finally, I got it right! Can you see me now?

I was looking at some of my pics, since I've been homebound. I don't think I posted these, but if I did you can look at them again. The older ones I know I didn't post b/c I didn't have a blog when they were babies. Anyway I just think these are so cute. I am sure Marissa will not think her sitting on the torlet is so cute. But as a grandma, I am allowed to do it.

Brianna, hammin it up!

And now for the oldies but goodies............................ 

Marissa, needs no explanation!

Austin eating a carrot!

My angel, Bree

I am setting here typing the title and I said I was still among the licking! No, I do not lick people in case ya'll are wondering. My brain is just not quite right yet. I hear you people who are saying, "was it ever? Anyhoo, tomorrow back to work. I can honestly say I am ready. I don't think my car has EVER sit this long before. It has been a whole week. I still have the usual soreness. I say usual, but I really don't know what usual is? My belly button hurts the worst, it feels like they must have pulled an elephant thru it. Yes, Val, I know you would come and help. I do appreciate it. Really, I haven't needed  a lot. It is pretty easy sitting on my butt. I have gotten some shopping done online. I did miss going out friday after thanksgiving. Next year, I promise I will be there.