Monday, July 03, 2006

Once again I am house/dog sitting. Time for a little peace and quiet. This time I also am checkin in on "Charlie". She's my black lab friend, sorry Sami, but I do have other friends. I know you thought you was the only one. I think I might quit my job at school and do this for a livin! I think I like my dogs better than most of the kids. But I would miss some of them, like my little Travis. I love that kid. Oh well I must stop for now. I need to go watch some uninterupted T.V. I don't think I've watched a show all the way through since I was here before. My mom's right I do need to take care of me.........

Yes, she (my mom) finally did have one of her surgery's. She did very well so now maybe she will have the major one that will save her life. It's funny what people say when they are coming out of anesthesia. Of coarse I stayed with her friday night and of coarse she woke from the anestetic at 11p.m. And of coarse she was up for the night. My leg was killing me and naturally I was complaining. She raised her head up enough to say "Well did you tell the nurse?" I said, Mom they don't care about my leg. She said maybe they would give me something. Yea right mom maybe they'll share your pain medicine with me. Then she preceded to tell me I should tell Dr. Miller about my leg. Now I'm not sure but I'm thinking that a vascular surgeon really don't care about my bum knee.! When I told her this in a nice way, she got a little upset with me telling me that I had no right to tell her how to take care of herself when I didn't even take care of myself. Well here's a thought if I wasn't busy taking care of her, maybe I would be taking care of myself......thank you very much!!!!! Mom' gotta love em.