Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am glad I slept through the night b/c that's how I found out my friend Kim has been keeping a secret. When I woke up this morning I knew all kinds of things that I didn't before I went to sleep. Kim and I were walking down the halls at school and that's when I found out she was pregnant. Someone else had told me, not Kim. I was really upset with her for not telling me, I thought we shared everything, KIM! Well, I told her it was going to be fine, when she had told me she was scared. I told her I was actually jealous, I wanted a baby too. Of coarse what ever either one of us gets,the other one wants to. We have the same taste in a lot of things. Too funny! Of coarse, I trying to do my job at school the whole time all of this was going on. The little girl we help was in my dream to. I left her in the restroom by her self, which I never do. When I went back in, she was sitting there asleep on the toliet. I almost dropped her on the floor while helping her off the toilet and she got mad at me! (imagine that) After putting on her p.j.'s, to go home?????? What???? She said she needed to go out front and smoke a cigarette. She was nervous b/c I almost dropped her. Now we all know there is no smoking in school. Well, when I held the door open for her, there was a group of kids outside smoking. Also, there was also a group of football players and coaches who came in the restroom on us and would not leave. I told them they were in big trouble, I said, "Just wait till I get out of here". Where this dream came from I have no clue, but it sure was weird. Oh well!!


Valerie said...

How funny! Thanks for making me smile.

Kim said...

This is my favorite weird dream anyone has ever had. It's so far from the truth it cracks me up!!

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