Saturday, January 03, 2009

Is that even a word? I dunno, but that is the way I feel. I have not had a minutes of normal since I left for break! First of all, I spent a week and a half in N.C. That in itself is not normal. Then you have an old fart that wants to go to bed at oh I don't know 7:00 or if we're lucky, 8:00. You wake up at ??????????? who knows cause it's still dark outside. If he's not talking to himself or me(who is still trying to sleep), he's sorting thru the garbage. I now you are wondering, why? B/C it's his garbage and he can, and B/C he's 84 years old. Then I get a phone call on monday (before I am to come home on wednesday) telling me my son, David has just cut his thumb almost off. Long story made short, he is a "climber" for a tree company in Dayton. There was an accident and he was taken to Miami Valley hosp. and then care flighted to Columbus to see a hand specialist to see if they can "save" it. Well it is now almost a week later and they still don't know. It looks horrible. Last night they started using leaches to try and get the blood circulating. The leaches are giving me willies. Anywho, It has been a loooooong break and I will be glad to be back at work. But b/c I miss all my friends so, I made time to blog.