Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Easter to All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would put a picture of my sympathy roses on my blog. My "lover" says they are because he loves me, but I think he thinks I am going crazy. Because I got them the day after I woke him up screaming for the alien and the giant frog to get out of my yard. Anyhoo I love my lover! I am already tired and next week hasn't even started. I overslept for the first time I ever remember. I mean I woke up and it was 7:45 and I needed to be to work at 8:00. Well, of course I was dreaming again. Not about aliens and giant frogs but it was something stupid like that. I will be packing my clothes in my new luggage. I got some new Orfield Original luggage. I love my designer luggage. I will put my designer clothes in it. I just want to say, I HATE MY NOSE! I will leave about 1 or 2 on monday. I have to have my little Fergie to the Dr. at 9:00. She had surgery and is doing fine. I will take my little darlings (grandkids) their easter basket tomorrow since I probably won't be back for Easter. We (Rick & Connie) decided we will fix regular ham for Easter and save the honey spiral ham for me when I get back. I love my family. Yummo! Can I just say I love just about everything and just about everyone except, I HATE MY NOSE! I will miss you guys next week. Who will you make fun of! I will call you and tell you about my manderians or my worsh!