Sunday, January 21, 2007

I am frickin freeeeeeezing. I was cold yesterday before it even started snowing. Brr. Fergie and Gracie had their first visit to the Dr. Fergie weighs a big 4# and is growing like a weed. Gracie, on the other hand barely weighs 3#. Fergie got shots but Gracie has to wait till she gets a little bigger. They are both stretched out on the bed (the one they are not suppose to be on) sound asleep. Rick who is the dog person said they were fine cause they were sleeping so sound. I have a turkey in the oven, yum. I thought today felt like turkey day. Gotta run for now.

Monday, January 15, 2007

This is my daddy. He says he is not really a cat person, he likes dogs. (boo on dogs) So every night, I get up on his lap and I climb his belly and give him sugars. I love my daddy. I then go back down on his lap and go to sleep. My daddy says he's not a cat person but he sure does rub my belly good. Oh and my daddy don't like his picture taken. I don't mind it to much. Check out the picture of the baby on the previous post, click on the baby, she's to cute.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Welcome the newest babe to the world of blogs! I didn't have a picture of my friend so I found another cute babe. Yeah now I have three friends that read my blog. YES, YES, YES!

Fergie is helping Brianna with her christmas presents!

More pictures

She must really be hungry,can you tell which one is ornary?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm "up" again!

Yea, two hours later and I have internet again. After trying everything he could check, he tried another kind of modem. Now he had already changed it twice. Also the geek at tech support told me it couldn't be my modem when I ask him this question a week ago. He's a geek. His manual must have told him this. Now I have no excuse not to blog.This will make my friends happy???? Ok later, maybe tomorrow!