Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update on Birdman


finchJuncotitmousenuthatch woodpecker

Well, the bird business is good. Because of the video, we now have enough soup to last us for months. Rick said the guy didn't add the part that said he was only joking. One guy didn't have soup so he brought us a can of corn. These are all Rick's card buddies. Anyway, a lady got a hold of the man who did the interview and ask him to contact us and see if she could make a donation. Long story short, Rick talked to her and told her that was not necesary and she said she really wanted to. So she sent him a check for $100.00. He went out and purchased $98 worth of food for the birds and squirels. He sent her a card and put the receipt in there. My Rick was so worried that people would think he came up with some kind of scam. So he sent her the receipt. He buys corn for the squirels. Then he gets suet for the woodpeckers, we have three different kinds that come. Then he has to have sunflower seed, thistle, peanuts, bird seed. You would think just put out birdseed, no not my Ricky. Oh we have to have a big jar of peanut butter b/c several of the birds like that. They are fun to watch. Here are just some of the birds he attracts. They are all unique in their own way. The nuthatch is the only bird that walks down the tree head first. And now you have a lesson in Birds 101, whether you wanted it or not!


Valerie said...

I love this. He deserves some help. He is famous, huh? I loved the video.