Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The animals in the snow

As you can see, all the animals are having fun in the snow. I bet there were over 100 birds out there this morning. They are like the people at kroger's yesterday, fearing the White Death. I did tell them there will be no food shortages and to stop their bickering! I don't know if you can see them but there were seven squirrels in the tree this morning. They were running around the tree like kids playing in the snow. The one setting on the concrete feeder sit there for over half an hour eating and watching the goins on. I shoveled some of the snow so we could get the garbage out tomorrow and the dogs were in the back yard playing in the snow, but as you can see when I got the camera, they just looked at me. Ozzie was barking (yeah) at the goofy dog next door. Lady kept trying to sneak under the deck and dig. So if you see a picture later of a bunch of dirt on top of the snow, you will know she succeeded. She's got her eyes closed like I can't see her if she closes them! Ok, I have to go, I just heard the oven buzzer go off and that's mean's "Time to make the Doughnuts Brownies"It is from Mommy's Kitchen and Kim said they were to die for. So you know I have to try what Kim does b/c we are twins!!!! I will post the brownies after they get done. YUMMO!!!!!


Kim said...

cute pictures!