Monday, October 19, 2009

Mutant Ninja Frogs???????

Well, my sister gave me her aquarium a few months back. She had two little, yes I said little frogs in it and a few fish. Well, for some reason these frogs that are not suppose to get too big are growing like a weed and they are eating everything I put in there. I think I will call them little piggies. None of us can believe how they have grown, they are like quadrupaled in size. I wish I had a before pic, but all I have is the now. I will keep you updated. That is if they don't get out and eat the family! I also I wanted to show off my cute little Brianna. We took them to Coney Island a few weekends ago. I hate to brag , but I will. I must have some of the cutest grandkids on the planet. These shots are her "striking a pose" Do you think she's a ham? This is my shy one. (really)


Kim said...

I think these are way scary

Valerie said...

I never heard of frogs that stay in an aquarium. Do they stay under water all the time?

Diane said...

Yes, they stay in the tank. They swim up to the top, but for the most part, they stay at the bottom. They are a lot of fun to watch.

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