Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My husband really is hot, but this was only a costume he got to wear to his halloween party with his biker friends. This is so funny b/c it is so not Rick. When he said he was going to this party, it surprised me. Then when he said he was getting a costume to wear, it floored me. You see, I am the one in the family who don't know a stranger. Rick is so out of place among a room of strangers. He just joined this motorcycle group a few months back. It is the local chapter of HOGGS. That is something to do with Harley????? He said everyone in the club is really nice, he just don't know anybody yet. Anyway here he is checking it out. We laughed so hard b/c it was hilarious when it started to blow up and when he tried to sit down. I love that man!