Monday, October 19, 2009

Last but not least!

This is our "Granny Box". Caroline, Kim and I wanted to send granny a little something for her birthday. We found some really pretty material and Kim got some real pretty quilt pieces. We also included some thread b/c Val said granny loves it. And of coarse, you have to put some chocolate in it. Caroline had gotten this box and she brought it to put everything in it. Isn't it pretty?? Do you think granny is going to get spoiled? Naw, she is too sweet for that.


Kim said...

Our box looks so pretty! I think even if Granny does get spoiled, that's ok, she deserves to be spoiled!

Alice Grace said...

How sweet! Granny will love it! She is so humble that it is hard for her to understand why she is getting all this attention! You are right about the thread and the chocolate!

Valerie said...

Oh you girls are so sweet. Yes, you are spoiling her. You all are too sweet. That box is beautiful. You all will be blessed for blessing Granny. Thank you so much.