Sunday, October 18, 2009

My sister, Caroline and my sweet niece, Lindsey came over today and brought presents. Caroline bought me a new camera b/c mine is trying to bite the dust. I can only see half a screen. Anyway it is purple, my favorite color and it is little and too cute. I will post pics tomorrow(hopefully) and I will post my other wondeful gift. If you know anything about cardmaking or scrapping, it is an amazing gift. If you don't know anything about them, it is still an amazing gift. It is a cuddle bug. You can emboss and cut shapes on card stock. It is amazing. We have went to a couple of classes and they were so much fun.Lindsey will never know what this means to me. She is so sweet. I love, love, love,love my gifts. Did I say how much I love them. After the opening of the presents, we went granny birthday shopping. Caroline wanted to get in on the action b/c she got one of grannies quilts and she has been following Val's blog. Anyway, we were at walmart getting fabric and things and you know me and my big mouth. We (really it was all me) started talking to the sweet lady helping us. I told her how we were getting fabric for a special lady's birthday. Well, needless to say by the time we left, she had Val's blog address. She talked like she had some quilting fabric squares she just might need to send granny. Any way, we had a wonderful fun filled day. On the way home, we decided we are taking a road trip to Tennessee next weekend. We will go on saturday and go to The Dixie Stampede show and then come home on sunday. As Mackenzie(Caroline's granddaughter) like to yell ...............ROAD TRIP!!!


Valerie said...

Oh you are the sweetest thing to think of Granny when you are out and about. I just don't know what to say! Hey purple is my favorite color too!!!! Tennessee?? You are close to Ga.- Well, if you are going to Pigeon Forge to Dixie Stampede you are about 3 hours away. Wanna come over???? Maybe one day we could meet in person. I have been wanting to go to Gatlinburg myself. I love the beach but the smokey mountains cannot be beat.

Diane said...

One day I will have to meet ya for coffee! My sisters and I have been trying to go to Fla. for the last few years over break. Maybe we will make it next summer and we can really meet each other. That would be awesome.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, a few days early!

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