Friday, October 13, 2006


What a day! This might be an understatement. Let me just say that when one of our colleuges(?) is off, it really makes a biggggggggggggg difference. Well, except with the exception of one or two. When those certain few are out, we don't even know it until the next day when they tell us. But today we had the three that holds the rest of us together either off or in a meeting with the parent from HELL! After today, I think I am retiring.I think I can make a fine living on $300 a month social security My other friend, Kim already put her resignation in. We have this certain child, we'll call him "Spanky" for obvious reasons.But maybe after today, Demon Boy would be a better name for him. Actually, the day was going fairly smooth because no demands were being put on him. You see he is Autistic and has Downs Syndrome so I'm sure he can't help all of his behavior but,some of it I think he can. We were told by his former teacher (who I'm not sure of her motives yet) that this kid "loves" pep assembly's. Well I'm not sure about this Autistic kid, but most of them hates alot of noise. Yea you guessed it, he went berserk, jumped right off the deep end, went postal to say the least. It's a good thing he didn't have a gun. Or maybe he was just pissed cause the seniors won spirit week. (He's not a senior). He took off running pushing or beating anything that got in his way. I felt really sorry for the other "normal" kids. This one poor girl got hit so hard it knocked the wind out of her, she was crying. Of course everyone that was with me is scared of him. But me being the nut that I am, I chase him so he won't run out of the building and into the street and beat up a car.Anyway.........................................