Saturday, October 14, 2006

I don't think that I am better then anyone else and I hope if I ever start acting that way that one of my friends (all two of you) would tell me. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with wanting nice things, house, cars, a private school for your kid, but some people carry it to far. If I lived with my parents (one who sounds like he doesn't even care for me and the other who tries to run my life), I would not come to work and act like I was all that. I am trying to be nice because I really feel sorry for this person. Lets just call her UGLY BETTY,although she isn't really ugly. She is kinda pretty until she opens that mouth and stupid comes out.Poor thing has to work three jobs to keep up with this lifestyle(living with parents). It don't sound like she has a life. Her idea of having fun was going to our high school football game with her 5 year old son (from I don't know where) and a retarded student from work. Now thats ok every now and again, but every week. Ok maybe I know why she doesn't have a boyfriend. Her friend is trying to fix her up with a guy who is working on her friends house. Now I think that she thinks this guy is not up to her standards. Now come on, he's only a painter! I think he has his own business but I'm not sure. But she has made every excuse why she don't want to go out with him. First, he's to skinny, he's not that cute, he's a smoker, her face is broke out.I'm sure he wouldn't be able to lavish her in the lifestyle she is used to.(living with her parents). Forget that he might be a really nice guy, he might really be good to her kid (which is what this kid needs badly, a guy in his life). Like yesterday when we get back to our room with DB. She is so worried about her hair and makeup because it was so windy outside and blew her hair all over her head.Now its the end of the workday so who cares what it looks like now, right? Oh no, I have to pick up my son at his private school and the "rich parents" will see me. Oh my! I said who gives a shit? Why do you care what they think? She said, "Oh but I do care". I told her one day she will see that what people think don't mean diddly squat. Now I know why she is divorced, her husband couldn't stand being married to her and her mother! Ok now I feel better. Lisa, you were right, I did have a lot to say!


Lisa said...

That's funny! ...until she opens her mouth and stupid comes out! I laughed out loud on that one!