Friday, October 13, 2006

We have a nut that works with us. We call her "crazy"! Why you ask, maybe you didn't but I'll tell you anyway. She has her nose into everything. If someone lets a fart she has to know WHO did it or what for or why? Plus she is crazy! She thinks she has a boyfriend (we don't), she thinks people likes her(we don't) and so on. So I am in the lead chase(all alone I might add) with Demon Boy. Where every body else is I have no clue. I am the one with the bad knees and I'm keeping up with Demon Boy. What the @#$%? Oh, I need to back up and tell you we carry walkie-talkies for emergencies just like this one. Well my friend Kim is trying to find out where we are (me and DB)and I am trying to run and catch up to him and keep him from mowing over other students.So I tell her and she is trying to hear me over all the commotion. But in all the confusion she can't hear me.She is even hollering "Where the hell are you" and she don't usually curse.Ha! Ha! This is where it gets good. By this time I have DB under control and walking to the football field (oh yea he still thinks he going to the football game and who am I to tell him no).I hear YELLING coming from the walkie-talkie and I can't really tell who or what it is, much less what they are saying, so I ignore it. Anyway we get to the field and get DB settled in. Others have caught up except Kim and "crazy". You guessed it,somehow "crazy" got hold of the walkie-talkie and was YELLING trying to find me and DB. Now "crazy" knows nothng of this kid nor him of her.(Except he kbows that she's crazier than he is)By the time Kim and "crazy" gets down there, she (crazy) feels "faint" WAH! I know you think I am mean, but I'm not. She sits on the ground on top of my feet and leans against my legs. Now did I tell her to? No, as a matter of fact I ask her in between her feeling as if she's blacking out, in, out, if she were comfortable sitting on my feet. The nurse gets there and checks her pulse and kind of looks at her like there really is not anything wrong. Oh and one of the other dingbats(can you guess who?) that works with us is sitting in front of her asking her if she should call 911. Duh "crazy" don't know.This is coming from a person who supposedly has a heart condition but if she passes out at work, we are suppose to try and track her dad down to see what he thinks we should do. Now here is my thought on this. If I had a heart condition, I would not be chasing anyone or screaming on a walkie-talkie. But this heart condition might be like her boyfriend. We don't have evidence of that either. Now I'm not saying she has to die to prove she has a heart condition but...............just kidding. Well she was well enough to go back in the building so she could be the first to tell of our fiasco (for lack of a better word) before anyone else could tell the story. When I finally get back inside several teachers ask me if I found the "lost boy". Lost, my ass,lost was one thing he never was. All you had to do was follow the path of distruction he left. Ok I'm really tired tonight but tomorrow I have a whole other person I want to talk about. This one is really starting to piss me off almost as much as 'crazy"


Lisa said...

That is so insane! I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you guys yesterday. Am I the one who pissed you off? I guess I'll have to wait to see what you blog today to see if it was me. :-)

Diane said...

You are so silly. No it was the one who runs back and "fixes" her face!