Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Amber overseeing things.

Matty trying on my glasses!

Finally, I got it right! Can you see me now?

I was looking at some of my pics, since I've been homebound. I don't think I posted these, but if I did you can look at them again. The older ones I know I didn't post b/c I didn't have a blog when they were babies. Anyway I just think these are so cute. I am sure Marissa will not think her sitting on the torlet is so cute. But as a grandma, I am allowed to do it.

Brianna, hammin it up!

And now for the oldies but goodies............................ 

Marissa, needs no explanation!

Austin eating a carrot!

My angel, Bree


Kim said...

They are all so cute, grandkids are the best!

Diane said...

Yes, they are. I promised my friend I would update my blog. I figured I might as well add some pics too. Your dog pics crack me up! They are like lady and ozzie, monkey see, monkey do! Except lady and ozzie are dogs!

Valerie said...

I love that toilet picture! Do you know that I have everyone of my children and grandchildrens pictures on the toilet? That is so cute! They all are. Grandbabies are so special.