Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I am setting here typing the title and I said I was still among the licking! No, I do not lick people in case ya'll are wondering. My brain is just not quite right yet. I hear you people who are saying, "was it ever? Anyhoo, tomorrow back to work. I can honestly say I am ready. I don't think my car has EVER sit this long before. It has been a whole week. I still have the usual soreness. I say usual, but I really don't know what usual is? My belly button hurts the worst, it feels like they must have pulled an elephant thru it. Yes, Val, I know you would come and help. I do appreciate it. Really, I haven't needed  a lot. It is pretty easy sitting on my butt. I have gotten some shopping done online. I did miss going out friday after thanksgiving. Next year, I promise I will be there.


Kim said...

I am glad you are feeling good and are coming back to work tomorrow, I need someone to hold my coffee for me!! I hope you are there for shopping on Black Friday next year, we missed you this year!!

Valerie said...

Diane, I am so glad to read that you are up and going back to work. That is a good sign. I actually haven't felt well the last few days so that is why I haven't been on. I am trying to catch up reading some blogs tonight.