Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hope all is well. I was going to call and sing to you. I know how much you must miss it! I will sing a belated Happy Birthday when I get back next week. Went to the Dr. and he said everything is looking good and I can do ANYTHING I want. Woohoo!!!! I will post pictures of all the wedding festivities tomorrow. I promise. Love you all and miss you all.


Lisa said...

Oh my aching back. I hurt it when I fell off my chair when I saw that you had finally made a new post!!! :-) I just know you can't wait to get back to work to hear our sarcasm. :-)

Kim said...

I am looking forward to the pictures, don't let me down!

Muir said...

A NEW POST!!! I think I may have to call in sick to work because I just had a coronary.

Thanks for the b-day wish. I miss you terribly! Lunch isn't the same without you. Can't wait to see you and you better post some pictures or I'll hunt you down. Or just wait til I see you next week. =)

Diane said...

Oh how I miss all my friends! Thats why I love you all.

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