Sunday, September 16, 2007

The weekend seems like it comes and goes so fast. There is always way to much to do. We had our second annual "family reunion", my mom's idea. Nobody can seem to get thier act together for this thing. Oh well it is finally came and now it is behind us. Rick went to Roy's last night and got his tattoo. He said it hurt like a MOTHERF*****. He was there for 3 hours. I had been telling him how gay it was and then I stopped myself and figured out that I was being really mean. It did turn out really nice, although it is really big. And he did end up putting a D at the top because he really loves me. I thought he was kidding about the D and I told him that would be the gayest thing he was thinking of doing. I will post a picture later, it did turn out really nice. And Rick if you ever read this, I really mean that! Enough for now.


Kim said...

I'm glad it turned out nice, Roy does a nice job. I'm glad he didn't cry