Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I finally have a moment to catch up on my blogging! I am officially a dog/house sitter this week. There is no one here to holler for me to get them ANYTHING! The dogs are busy running in and out doing there thing. Every now and then, one of them runs in to "check" on me. Mostly it's Zeke, I think that is because he is the biggest momma's boy. Every now and then all of them takes of running and starts barking like they are going to eat somebody . This is fine except if it happens in the middle of the night around 1:30-ish. I'm not saying I'm a chicken, but........I am use to living in a basement apartment, not a big ole house with doors and windows everywhere and a basement. Can I just say that I hate basements, (ironically, I live in one). I think maybe someone locked me there as a child. Wouldn't you know that when I first got here yesterday, Sami, the little feisty one was sitting at the basement door. She would not leave the door, she was glued to it making me wonder if someone had snuck in while I was gone and was waiting in the basement to come up and get me when I was asleep. And of coarse Bubba just don't care about anything, he's just as laid back as can be. I know that two of you who are reading this and laughing at me cause you know how I am. I officially started my new job this summer as a dog sitter last week. Charlie is also my new best friend, we played ball, pooped, played some more ball, etc......... Can I just say I have four new best friend and "ILOVETHEM".


Lisa said...

Charlie says she misses you and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. :-)

Diane said...

Tell Charlie I miss her to!