Friday, June 16, 2006

Today is my last day of peace and quiet! Wah!!!!!! Sami is still protecting me. She is great, I love her. The boys are sweet too, but Sami just is a doll baby. She is tickled to see me everytime. If I walk across the room to get a drink and come back, she acts like I've been gone forever. She holds her own with the boys too. Bubba don't care if I'm here or not as long as he gets his food and his treats. Zeke stays up in his room waiting for his "Mother". He comes down every now and again to check to see if "she" has returned, wags his tail at me, then goes back up. Oh well, we all should have someone that loyal.


Lisa said...

Sorry your peace and quiet is coming to an end. Hey, I saw another preview for the Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves movie, The Lake House or something like that. I was thinking that since it is such a chick flick that maybe you, Muir, and I should get together and go see it. It's just a thought. Talk to you later!

Muir said...

I totally want to see that movie!!! Every time I see the preview I tell Jim I want to see it and he rolls his eyes!