Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I am usually scared of spiders, but I wasn't afraid of this one that came by on halloween night. I had to hug and kiss and give him lots of candy. He is the sweetest thing, he wanted "choc choc" from "gramma D!

He is pointing at Pappa Rick, Pappa was wearing his "big" costume!

Hangin with mom and enjoying some of the loot!!!!!!

He wanted to carry his pail all by himself! His mom and dad forgot his bag, so I gave him one. It was as big as he was!


Kim said...

Aww, that is the cutest spider I have ever seen! He is precious. If you have any left do you think you could bring us some "choc choc" to school tomorrow??

Diane said...

I think we already ate enough choc choc! Don't you???? Nah!!!!

Valerie said...

Oh he is a living doll!!! I mean spider!