Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ok, I always complain about getting up and coming to work, but I hate sitting here! I can't really do a lot because I am suppose to stay off of my knee. I have wrapped, made things (sitting down), and watched all the TV I can. I am going to watch the movie Kim brought me before I left(of course I will cry) and a movie about the Incredible Hulk. Ok, here is a big surprise, guess what I am getting for christmas? No, not a heart necklace! But I am getting jewelry, surprise. But I do have to say for the most part, Rick has very good taste in jewelry.(with the exception of the harley earrings) Do I look like a biker bitch? I am going to try and blog faithfully for at least a few days so my friend will meet me at Costco on friday. Did I mention how much I LOVE all three of my friends? Not that I only have three friends, but these are my true beeps! WAS THAT GAY? Well, sitting at home makes you gay!
Later peeps!
P.S. I just realized I called you guys my beeps up there, oh well, that's how I roll!


Lisa said...

We miss you at work. It's just not the same without you.
One of your "true beeps" :-) (Love you!)

Kim said...

Can't wait till you come back. My ears are getting a real workout with your sub! and I just miss you too
another one of your "true beeps!"

Dogs Mom said...

You need to email me tomorrow to remind me about costco