Monday, October 13, 2008

It's a new day and the beginning of a new week. So I am going to try and be good again. I know what all three of you are saying, Yea, Yea, we've heard this before. But I am going to aim for once a week and then build myself up. I am going to show you some of the cutest baby pics in the world. (besides J.J) Then my new table that only has three stools until after tuesday. That is because one came damaged. Then last but not least, my new spiced "punkin" kitchen.


Lisa said...

Did you just hear that THUD??!! That was me falling on the floor! I don't have much room to talk because I can't even seem to post once a week at times. I always think,"When things calm down, I'll get back to it." Well, I've decided the things will never calm down, so I just need to make an honest effort. We'll see how far that goes. :-)

Kim said...

I love the color of your kitchen, your clock, your rooster cabinet with all it's roosters,and your table! Baby Matthew is all grown up now, since we haven't seem him since April! He is really cute!

Hanke said...

Everything - GORGEOUS!!! Baby - GORGEOUS!!! Roosters - GORGEOUS!!! Table - GORGEOUS!!!

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