Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Once again, I have been very bad about updating my blog. I wish I could be as good as you other three and you know who you are. (The only three who read this) But today was hotter then hell and I was outside in it all day fixing a broken window. I hope the person who did it has seven years of baddddddddddddddddddddddddd luck and I mean it. The hotter it got, the pister, (Is that a word???????) I got. But I did get my new curtains and my new rug and pictures for my bright yellow worsh room. From where I come from it does have an R in it. I will post a picture of it when I get the curtains and everything up. I will warn you to put on shades though because it is bright yellow. But now I will be happy when I do worsh. Ok , I know this is short but me and Charlie is going to bed. No, I did not replace Rick with Charlie, it is Charlie Orfield. She is a girl and a canine and I love her. I love you to Sammi, Bubba and Zeke. P.S. Sammi I will call and leave another message so you can hear me again, tell your mom to play it for you.


Muir said...

Yeah!!! You kept your promise! Can't wait to see your worsh room! And I can't imagine being more pister if someone had broken my window. Hee hee. ILOVEYOU

Kim said...

I think your worsh room will look great, make sure you post your pictures when you get it done!