Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ok, I went to the Dr. for my routine blood work (ouchy) for my thyroid. He was very pleased with me. He said that since I was there last, about 6 months ago, that I had lost 16 pounds. I think it is 12, but either way, I will take it. He said that was very good. He went on for a few minutes about how proud he was and I just sit back and let him. You know when you get weighed at Curves, a lb. here or 3/4 of a pound don't sound like a lot but I guess it really is. So, moral of this story is I will get my big ole butt up and go to Curves by my self (again). Don't tell Lisa but I've only been one time so far. I am just trying to lay a guilt trip on her.


Kim said...

Congratulations, that is awesome! I noticed you didn't write anything about having to go get the colonoscopy, does this mean you are trying to ignore that????

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