Monday, April 23, 2007

I thought since I am at home with really no excuse, I could update my blog. I mean really the hershey squirts is not really an excuse. I can run to the toilet and back to my computer. I was reading everyone's blogs, it made some really interesting and enjoyable reading. I don't know why I feel so crappy today. I woke up with a sick stomach last nite but I do that sometime and didn't think anything about it. Still feeling queasy (?), it was quazy, this am but thought I would be fine. Got to Arby's (closed so I went to McD) on Montgomery road and had to go potty, I HATE to use other bathrooms for that. Anyway long story short, was not fine, barely made it back home. It's about 1 and I haven't been to the potty since 11, so that's good. I did take some immodium. My belly still hurts. Any, I wish I was going on a cruise. Heck I wish I was going anywhere. I love this time of year. I was excited about coming to work today because saturday I had a pedicure and I was going to wear sandles and show my toes off. I think I wear them anyway in the rain tomorrow. Later!


Muir said...

Didn't need the details - you can keep the hershey squirt info to yourself sometimes!
Hope you feel better sickly friend of mine. See you tomorrw. (P.S. - you missed the end of the movie today.)

Lisa said...

I tried to post a comment, but it went out into cyberspace and disappeared. So, I hope you are feeling better, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Kim said...

it's not supposed to rain tomorrow I don't think, so your pedicured toes should be ok. Rain on Wednesday though- see you in the a.m.

Muir said...

So if it rains, her toenail polish will run? Or her pedicure will be ruined? Kim, you're crazy!

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