Saturday, February 10, 2007

This month I really mean it. Today was weigh-in day at curves. This is usually a dreaded day. It is usually not good news. I usually don't gain pounds, but I have been gaining inches. You know all them muscles I have been growing. But not today. Today I lost 5.5 pounds and 2.61 inches. I even had on my fat pants (thick sweat pants), forgot today was weigh-in day. My personal cheerleader at curves, her name is Debbie, came out and announced it and cheered me and gave me high five. I know this does not sound like something to get this excited over but it really is a big deal. So I worked a little harder today. I told my friend, Mrs. O that if I had been good, I might have really done good. So YEA me!


Lisa said...

I am so proud of you!! You are my inspiration!! :-) Yea you!!

Muir said...

Yeah ya are!!! Congrats! I lubs you!

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