Monday, September 25, 2006

You know how when you're driving and you see a traffic jam, you try to avoid it? Well, can I say that I was already on the exit ramp to get off before I noticed all the stopped traffic. If I had been paying attention I would not have gotten off of the ramp. But no, as usually I was daydreaming about god knows what or who. So, here I sit in traffic for 25 minutes with my Edy's "special edition" Bengals ice cream that cost me $3.00 for a sniff and it is melting. But, I did call my sweetie to let him know of my good intentions and tell him I would be home soon with his vanilla/fudgy swirl/with little caramel filled footballs SOUP! Oh how he loves me just for the thought.(Touchdown) Any other day I would not have ice cream sitting in my car melting, as I never ever never buy ice cream. Anyway after about 20 minutes of sitting there not moving and not knowing why I'm not moving, I see about 10 police cars, 10-15 cops on cycles 4-5 presidential cars, and behind them was 4-5 SUV's with guys hanging out the windows with automatic(I assume) gun, coming up the interstate where I have not seen anybody come up for 20-25 minutes. Now it is after my bedtime cause being the nice person I am, I am baking cookies for one of my co-workers b-day. My sweetie said it must be for my boyfriend since I was staying up late and baking him cookies. Oh how I needed a good laugh!


Lisa said...

I love that Bengals Ice Cream. We have some in the freezer right now. I think I'll have some later! Mmmmmmm!

Muir said...

Stupid effing BUSH!!!

Lisa said...


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