Monday, July 03, 2006

Once again I am house/dog sitting. Time for a little peace and quiet. This time I also am checkin in on "Charlie". She's my black lab friend, sorry Sami, but I do have other friends. I know you thought you was the only one. I think I might quit my job at school and do this for a livin! I think I like my dogs better than most of the kids. But I would miss some of them, like my little Travis. I love that kid. Oh well I must stop for now. I need to go watch some uninterupted T.V. I don't think I've watched a show all the way through since I was here before. My mom's right I do need to take care of me.........


Lisa said...

Thank for looking in on my Charlie. She misses you!! Talk to you soon!

Muir said...

Hi Diane!!! Just checking to see if you've posted. Nope. Oh well, see you tomorrow at lunch.

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